We've been so busy we haven't had a chance to update the Blog. For everyone reading, we are busy finding more great content on the Web and bringing it to you.

CapriceOver the winter, we released Caprice, the second book by Edward Aubry, author of Static Mayhem. Caprice was a top book on TheNextBigWriter.com and caught our attention because of the off-balance, keep-you-guessing storyline. The premise is unique. What happens if the person you have a crush on at the office suddenly give you a kiss? And what happens if that kiss makes you violently ill and puts you in the hospital? And what happens if the crush appears in the hospital, tells you she purposely gave you a toxic kiss, and that you must leave with her immediately or face harm? Danny Marx takes us into a world where nothing is at it seems and Caprice may just be his dream girl, or his worst nightmare.

Learn more and read the first chapter.

Consensual Infidelity

Consensual Infidelity - Swinger StoryWe're now in the final process of preparing our next book for launch, Consensual Indifelity: The True Story of One Ordinay Couple's Experiment with Swinging. We've all heard the stories about what's happening in the neighborhood and now you will be taken into the world of a couple that decide to experiment a bit outside the sexual norm. The memoir details the emotions, the process, and yes, the sex the couple experience as they dip their toes into the world of swinging. Consensual Infidelity is due to be released in late April 2012. You can follow the book for now on Facebook.

Other New Books

In May we will be releasing A Harper's Education by Lydia Kelly, the author of the hit Screaming in the Silence. A Harper's Education was a huge hit on Booksie.com, having been read over 100,000 times and receiving 2,000+ comments. The book follows the experiences of West Coast girl Laila Roberts as she transfers to the prestigious and wealthy world of East Cost Harper's Prepatory for her senior year. As Laila says: "I'm not in California anymore."

Do You Have a Book?

We're always looking for new stories that take readers into other worlds. If you have a book that fits our submission criteria, we want to hear from you.

Strongest Start Contest on TheNextBigWriter.com

For writers looking to get some feedback on their novels and also potentially win some great prizes (over $4,000 in prizes), Worldmaker Media's sister site is currently running the Strongest Start Novel Competition. The contest judges how gripping the first chapters of your novel are. While we won't guarantee that we will make an offer, several past Strongest Start winners have been offered publishing contracts by WorldMaker Media.