WorldMaker MediaIt was about one year ago that we started tossing around the idea of launching a publishing company to complement the writing workshop we already run ( and our social publishing site ( After a lot of hard work, we are finally ready to announce our launch.

So, what makes us different?

We are a publisher of original paperbacks and ebooks. But we have a different approach than many other publishers. The most notable is that we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Instead, we look for writing posted on sites across the Internet that have already become popular and help the writer edit, polish, launch, and market this work in different formats.

Our first two books are:

Static Mayhem. Static Mayhem is a post-apocalyptic novel that blends science fiction, fantasy and horror. It was a #1 book on,  a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest  won the Strongest Start Novel Competition.

Static Mayhem

The Cloud: The Cloud is an anthology of award-winning short stories that revolve around a dark cloud that takes residence over the skies of Las Vegas. Thought at first to be just another weather incident, the cloud ultimately becomes a concern for both science and religion, as over the course of several months, it only moves a few miles at a time, always returning to a similar position over the city.

The Cloud

In November, we'll be releasing our third book, Screaming in the Silence, a romantic thriller about a woman who is kidnapped and who finds herself falling in love with one of her captors. An earlier version of the book was read over 20,000 times.

We look forward to growing our catalogue and offering you more exciting and entertaining reading. We welcome your comments and suggestions.