About WorldMaker Media

WorldMaker Media is a new publishing company that is changing the way books are discovered, published, and marketed. Here's how we are different.

We only discover new writers and books online - no unsolicited manuscripts

We do not accept query letters or unsolicited manuscripts. Instead, WorldMaker Media uses the Internet to find and discover fresh writers and original stories. We only publish books and novels that have achieved some grass-level support from readers on any number of online publishing sites.

This means our books are entertaining, original, raw...

Our books are entertaining because before we'll even consider publishing it, we have to see that thousands of people were willing to read it from a computer screen in an unedited, rough version. Our books have already struck a chord with an audience before we decide to publish them and need our editing, marketing, and distribution help. In addition, before we publish a book, we want to make sure early readers have had input into the story and that the author has taken that input seriously and incorporated it into their book. The books we publish have received hundreds and even thousands of comments from early readers which have helped to create a better, more entertaining experience.

We partner with our authors

We split ebook revenue 50-50 with our authors. We welcome and want author input and work together to make the book successfull.

We do not overcharge for our books

We do not charge more than $9.99 for an ebook and in most cases our prices will be $7.99 and below. We will never charge more for an ebook than a hardcopy version.

Our books evolve based on reader input and participation

Our books are not just static. Readers have the ability to particpate and become part of the book. For example, in our Static Mayhem "What Were Your Doing When the World Ended" Contest, reader submissions will become part of the v2.0 Static Mayhem ebook. Our books are evolving and changing based on your feedback and input.

Don't believe this can work?

Check out Screaming in the Silence.  WorldMaker Media published the book after discovering it on the Internet. Screaming in the Silence has thousands of fans on Facebook and is currently a Top 100 Kindle book in the Romantic Suspense category

Help Us Discover New Worlds

Have you come across a great book on the Web that would be a good fit for WorldMaker Media? If so, let us know.

If you're an author of a book that has thousands of reads and hundreds of fans, we also want to hear from you. Email us at submissions (at) worldmakermedia.com. Help us discover new worlds.

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A Bit More About Us

WorldMaker Media is a member of TheNextBigWriter, LLC group of families. Other sites include TheNextBigWriter.com and Booksie.com. TheNextBigWriter is one of the Internet's largest online writing workshops. Booksie.com is one of the Internet's largest online publishing sites for novels, short stories, and poems.