Screaming in the Silence

by Lydia Kelly

ISBN: 978-0982827321
eBook Formats: .epub (Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod), .mobi (Kindle), .lit

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After being struck by a car, Raleighis taken captive by three men who live in a remote cottage by a lake. Locked in the basement and raped, she soon discovers that her desperation is leading her to believe in and trust one of her captors.

Screaming in the Silence

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Could she fall in love with the man who kidnapped and raped her?

After being struck by a car, Raleighis taken captive by three men who live in a remote cottage by a lake. Locked in the basement and raped, she soon discovers that her desperation is leading her to believe in and trust one of her captors. Kaden is handsome, and at times protective, but will he save her from his partner, who wants her dead? And can she have feelings and fall in love with a man who kidnapped and raped her?

Screaming in the Silence is the harrowing, erotic, and provocative story of a woman's kidnapping ordeal. Edited and updated with a new ending, Screaming in the Silence is the official published version of an Internet hit that has been read over 20,000 times.

Book Excerpt


Chapter 1

I felt the vibration before I realized what it was. I saw the pitch black interior before I realized where I was. And I felt a body, still warm, lying next to me before I remembered who she was. I almost gagged at the strong smell of blood. Something thick and crusty was smeared across my cheek and forehead. I scratched my fingernails over it and it crumbled away in flakes.

I felt the car gain speed and the body rolled on top of me. Was it Julie? I pushed it away with a sob, wondering if she was still alive, hoping she was still alive.

Then, before I could brace myself, I was thrown towards the front of the truck. The back opened and a dim light flooded in.

It was Julie. Moonlight lit her blood soaked hair. The gaping wound in her skull made her almost unrecognizable. Her eyes and mouth were open in horrific panic and her neck bone jutted against the skin like a needle attempting to push through fabric. Scrambling, I pushed away from her, closed my eyes as I hung my torso out of the car, and vomited onto the ground below me. I inhaled deeply, appreciating the crisp ocean air.

With my head dizzy from confusion and nausea, I slowly raised my eyes to view a face. A tall, glaring man stood over me with the look of a predator eyeing its prey. The car shook again and two more faces appeared.

"What the fuck is this? You said they were both dead." The face on the right spoke, its expression scared and confused.

"I thought they were," the tall man's lips moved slowly. He was thinking as he spoke.

"What are we supposed to do now, Ray?" The man on the right had turned his attention away from me, making it difficult to determine what he was saying.

"Kill her." There was no mistaking what he had said.

I shook my head in panic. I looked back to the man on the right, perhaps he would disagree with Ray. His eyes returned to me without a trace of remorse for what he was about to do.

A third man who I hadn't noticed before stood on the left. He moved quickly, grabbing me by the shoulders and throwing me from the car. Excruciating pain shot up my body as I was dragged across the bumper and then over the rough ground. My clothes ripped and I kicked my legs furiously, trying to find my footing so I could stand. As soon as I was on my feet, I felt a hard body press against my back, holding me up and pinning my arms in front of my chest, with one strong hand around my wrists. His other hand fingered the material of my shirt, flipping the ends of my hair, and pointing to my shoes. I couldn't see the man who was holding me. His grip was firm yet his rough fingers held me gently. Ray and the other man stared at us, their faces brightening like I was a prize.

"The basement? It could work." Ray nodded at the man behind me before his eyes locked onto mine.

"What's your name?"

A scene flashed through my mind. We were standing by the side of the road, our thumbs up, hoping to find our way back to a city of reasonable size. The beach had been pleasant during the day, but now the wind was picking up and the area between the road and cliff's edge offered no protection. It was becoming dark outside so she stepped in front of me, turning to explain that her white shirt would be more visible than my dark blue one. The car came around the bend, completely out of control, and the last thing I remembered was being thrown over the hood of the car as her head smacked the windshield.

Julie. Her name was Julie.

Ray waved his hands in front of me.

"What is your name?" He repeated his question. They hadn't realized.

The wind bit at my nose and chin and I couldn't keep my hair from flying between us. Ray didn't seem to mind and moved within inches of my face. The arms behind me hugged tighter.

"What. Is. Your. Name."

I felt warm breath on my ear and turned my eyes from Ray. The man holding me had his lips close to my face and he was saying something that I couldn't decipher from the angle.

Fingers harshly grabbed my chin and turned my face. "Answer me!"

I could feel the vibrations from his yell. His breath smelled of rum. I managed to free one of my hands.

R-A-L-E-I-G-H. I spelled my name, knowing they wouldn't understand.

"What the hell was that?" Ray started laughing and he turned back to the smaller man, who stood by the car.

"Sign language?" Ray's attention suddenly returned to me. I took a deep breath and brought my free hand to the side of my face. My fingers went to my ear, tapping lightly as I shook my head.

"Shit. She's deaf," he said to the man behind me.

He spun me around and I came face to face with brilliant green eyes. His dark eyebrows furrowed beneath black hair, which hung to his brows and swept across his forehead. His cheekbones were high and chiseled, his jaw square and strong.

"Can you read lips?"

I nodded slowly.

His lips twitched into a sly and sordid smile.

"Can you speak?"

I didn't answer at first, not sure if I wanted them to know the truth. Maybe it would be easier if they didn't know everything I was capable of. So I shook my head, swallowed my answer in my throat, and lied. Silence hadn't scared me in this way since I was six years old.

He still held my shoulders in his strong hands. He squeezed me harder and I thought for a moment he was trying to reassure me. However, the look on this man's face told me otherwise. This gesture was one of domination and it terrified me.

Suddenly and without warning, I was thrown over his shoulder, my body hanging down his back like a sack of potatoes. I nearly vomited again from the pain in my chest but I managed to look under his arm to see the smaller man pull Julie from the car, her head and arms bouncing as she fell from the trunk. With Ray's help, he pulled her by the feet to the cliff's edge. I didn't want to think about what was going to happen to her body. With a final push she was rolled out of sight and into the violent waves below.

As I was thrown back into the trunk, I clung to the shirt of the man with the green eyes. I struggled to get out of the trunk, grabbing onto his plaid flannel shirt. His hands pinned my shoulders to the carpeted floor.

"Stop. You'll hurt yourself."

The door closed on top of me and my silent world went black. My screaming did nothing but make my throat burn. If a tree falls in the forest when no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? If I scream in the silence, will anyone be around to hear it?

Additional Information

Author Lydia Kelly
Word length 65,598
eBook Formats .epub (Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod), .mobi (Kindle), .lit
Publish Date Oct 5, 2010
Print ISBN 978-0982827321

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